10 tips to develop your career

Written By : Dina Khalil
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What is more important than find a job, is to know how to develop your skills to improve your performance, those tips will help you:

  • Ask your manager to evaluate you

This step will help you develop your work, understand your manager point of view which helps you put a new work plan to improve your performance in the future.

  • No procrastination

May be you think you will work better when you have a deadline, but this is just a justification, which may affect your performance. Try to write a list with your most important tasks and sort them by priority.

  • Educate yourself

Having a job doesn’t mean to stop educate yourself, develop your skills and learning new experiences, you can take courses through the internet or even register in a specialized institutes.

  • Put your plan for the next 5 years

To put a plan for the next 5 years in your life, will help you determine the basic steps you have to take to achieve what you want.

  • Accept the challenge

If your manager asks you to be a volunteer in a project that is not within the circle of your tasks, don’t be afraid to take the challenge. This will increase your experience, extend your knowledge circle and skills, and allows you to present your skills to your manager and let him see your qualifications.

  • Talk to the HR department

HR department always has a lot of information, especially about the benefits and advantages that can help you improve your work, you have information about new training courses or important lecture related to your work.

  • Read

If you are an employee or you run your own project you have to cope with any development related to your field.

  • Develop your skills

Voice is one of the most important communication tools; if you have a weak and vibrated voice this will give an impression that you don’t have self-confidence. Develop your communication skills and your ability to convince someone.

  • Your contacts will help you

You can build a good relationship with many contacts through social media, through this network you can communicate with other and talk about your field; this will help you a lot in developing your career.

  • Know what you really deserve

To love your job is something really good, but this shouldn’t be an obstacle between you and new chances, don’t let this makes you lose a stesp in your way to achieve your goals, you always deserve a lot.



You can improve your performance and develop your career to achieve your goals, just make a plan for this and the previous tips will help you a lot.