3 Tips to Keep yourself Motivated at Your Work

Written By : Asmaa Hussein
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All of us suffer from laziness and being unmotivated while working for a long time and not being able to continue working with the same motivation and enthusiasm that was at the beginning of the day. So, are there any reasons for such laziness? Or there are some habits that we do daily that affect our performance at work?

So, in this article we will tackle three important tips or instructions that will help you to keep yourself active and motivated at work throughout your working hours; as you will be more productive also. These tips are:

1- Healthy Food

No one can deny that food has a direct effect on the employee’s performance at work. As eating such heavy meals that contain lots of fats, make us too lazy. So, it is preferred to eat the types of foods that help you in keeping you energetic and motived like the green vegetables especially lettuce and cucumbers, nuts like cashew, and dairy products like yogurt. These types of food help you to be energetic. Also, you have to avoid junk food as it makes you feel lazy.

2- Take a Break and Do some Workouts

One of the main reasons that make you feel tired and bored is sitting for a long time on the chair in front of the computer without moving or doing any workouts. So, from time to time you have to stand up and do some workouts for the neck, feet, and shoulders; which consequently will make you feel energetic. However, you also can change the place of your desk to renew your energy.

3- Sleep Well

Sleeping well at night helps you in waking up active and energetic in the morning which consequently will affect your work productivity and sufficiency. So, it is preferred to sleep well and take a warm shower at night before sleeping to help you to relax.


The previous is only some tips and instructions that shall be followed to keep yourself motivated and energetic in your working hours to improve the productivity and the sufficiency of your work.