5 characteristics to be a good leader

Written By : Dina Khalil
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To be an inspirational leader is not easy at all, it’s one of the most important reasons for any company to success. When you hear the word “inspirational leader” you may think about someone who is very successful, or genius in setting a good strategy to earn more money, or even an outspoken person. But many studies proof that real leader is someone who knows how to communicate with people, be honest and serious when dealing with them.

If you want to be an inspirational leader and good boss for your team you need to communicate and be with your team most of the time.

  • Be obvious

Trust guarantees the process of communications. Good leader doesn’t try to escape from the truth, or even falsifies it. Leader has to respect his team, telling them the truth even when it is ugly, real leader success when he is honest with his team.

Being honest will eliminate rumors, misunderstanding which affect the production process.

  • Maturity of leadership

When you reach the level of managing, you don’t have to complain, simple because you became a representative to the company and its policies, which should be matching with your values.

Moreover you not have to accept the company’s decisions, but you should believe in it. This means you have to be consistent with yourself. The opposite may make a conflict between you and your company.

  • Choose the perfect employee for the right job

Studies proof that employees became more productive when they use their strengths in the work. Instead of trying to develop the skills of your employees to fit the work, good leader knows how to put the perfect employee in the right job so he can present his skills.

  • Motivate creativity

Motivating creative thinking is one of the characteristics of real leader. Any work team need some support to show creativity and innovation. Inspirational leader present new challenges so he can support his team achieving these goals. He aims to encourage his employees cross boundaries.

  • Be positive

Leader is always optimistic, to be a source of inspiration to his team, as employees affected by their boss’s attitude. Even in worst situations, try to deal positively to encourage your team. This doesn’t means to make everything looks amazing while it is not, but to be positive when facing challenges.


Leadership doesn’t mean to be promoted in your work to be a manger, but the concept is to have some characteristics that enable you to put some regulations for your tea, in other words to take the lead.