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5 Things Never To Say To Your Boss

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Today’s workplace environment has evolved and revolutionized over the decades to cater to the different types of personalities of individuals. Now a days more work is done in teams and higher management personals themselves need to get involved in everyday work to ensure every task goes smoothly and according to requirements.

Previously many large organizations used to practice an authoritative management style which created problems among employees. Evolution in work environment created different management styles that are praised highly in today’s culture. In such a work culture bosses tend to work with teams and it is quite important not to say the wrong thing that might create a bad impression.

Here are some interesting things that you need to be careful about when communicating with your boss or superior:

‘I Cant’

Your single worst enemy are these two words ‘I Can’t’ especially when you say this to your superior or boss. This simply reflects that you are not willing and confident to take up the task. And this attitude gives away an extreme negative impact to your boss about you.

‘I Don’t Know’

Never say ‘I Don’t Know’ especially to your boss because your boss might end up generalizing it. The next time he has some specific task for you he won’t be confident in giving you the task. Telling your boss that you will look into it and get back to him with a possible solution is better than saying ‘I Don’t Know’.

‘Well, I Did My Best’

This is simply considered an excuse and reflects badly on you. If you know that you made a mistake then own up to it and tell your boss that you will get it right the next time around. This action will say a lot about your positive personality and owning up to your mistake will not be as bad as one might think.

“It’s really not my fault; it’s Abdul’s fault.”

We all know the blame game and this is actually one of the main reasons why many people end up on the bad side of their boss and even worse, get fired. If you are genuinely innocent then explain your side of the story and don’t blame anyone else. Taking responsibility if you actually had the prime responsibility is better than pointing fingers at others.

‘That’s Impossible’

‘Nothing is Impossible’ is the correct notion and everyone should follow this premise. When you communicate with your boss you need to have a solution for your problem because leaders are always looking for a solution. If you tell them ‘That’s Impossible’ then you will end up in a bad situation.

All of these simple phrases might at first seem ordinary but they can do irreversible damage in the form of getting you fired from your job. At Talents Hunters you get the best advice from the top professionals in the HR and recruitment industry. Stay tuned to our blog and send us your feedback.


In the end, you can’t basically be the boss of your own boss and if you tried to be one, well then say goodbye to your job beforehand. It’s like this natural thing you know, if someone is at a higher position than you, then they will consider themselves to be better than you as well. So do not fear, just try to be very polite because you know how they say, ‘Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax.’