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6 Steps To Write Good Cover Letter

Written By : Mostafa Megahed
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Some people think that the cover letter is another copy of the resume but this is completely wrong, because cover letter should contain brief explanation to some points which may not be in your resume, here are some important steps to write good cover letter:

  • Don’t repeat your resume

Some people repeat some points that are already in the resume, but this is totally wrong. Try to represent your character through your cover letter and to show your passion to work in this place. Try to search about the company’s history, and show some of your information about it, this will reflect good impression about your culture and you care to work in this company.

  • To the point

The cover letter should be to the point, make it direct and clear. Try not to talk a lot, just explain things related to you and your skills.

  • Don’t mention someone in your cover letter.

Sometimes you don’t know who exactly you should mention in your letter, so you can start with “dear HR manager” , or “to who it may concern”. If you really don’t know who you should mention, don’t mention any one, or mention someone’s name. Just move to the points through which you represent your character.

  • Send it in PDF format

Try to send your it in PDF format because not all computers can open word documents but anyone can open a PDF file on any computer. First, the one who read your letter may skip it and move to the next because he doesn’t want to bother himself converting your format to another format. Second maybe converting the word document to PDF file changes your words.

  • Never ever use this word.

“my name is…, I apply in this job as…”, the one who read your letter already know this, these words may left bad impression and that you are not experienced enough.

  • End your cover letter with strong words

End your cover letter with quick explanation about how your experiences will help you in your performance in this job. This is the main point and you can explain it in 1 or 2 seconds, longer than that will be so many words.


The cover letter basically emphasizes on the fact that what you can do for the company, how beneficial you would be to the company. You should be using a polite and professional language in your cover letter. Do not try to be so cool and use informal gangster words because it might get you into a crib but you can wave the job goodbye.