التوازن بين العمل والحياة الشخصية - balance between work and life

Balance between work and life

Written By : Dina Khalil
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Daily life goes in a routinely template, with boring feelings, work dominates our lives many times, which affect us negatively and defect the balance between work and personal life. Work is one of the priorities in life, but it’s not the whole life, when working all the time you will feel depressed, and worry all the time, this could prevent you enjoying your live and care about people around you.

You cannot separate completely between your work and your life, but at least don’t allow to it to be the axis of your life. To reduce your work requirements:

  • Put an action plan, you have to put a plan in which you can define some points and steps you will take to finish your work, with a schedule to finish tasks in order not to work at home.
  • Communicate with your manager to tell him about latest achievements.
  • You have to work according to your manager’s expectations, in order not to re-perform your tasks one more time.
  • Talk with your manager and unit your goals and the time needed to achieve those goals, this helps you a lot to have your work done and meet the deadline.
  • Increase your productivity; it’s better than increase your working hours.

To keep the balance between your work and your personal life:

  • Ask yourself if your place and your position can achieve your goals and ambitions or not, balance is spending your time with happiness
  • Think about your work as an important part in your life not the boring part
  • Plan for all things in your life
  • Make time in your schedule for your work, your family and your hobbies
  • Balance between your work and your personal life without letting any of them affect the other

Your life is divided into many priorities, work is one of them, but it’s still a part of your life, don’t make your life part of your work.


Organize your priorities in life and care about all sides, work, family, and activities, all of them shape your life.