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How To Build Your Career After Graduation?

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  • Define what you like and what you don’t

Choosing your career is not a step starting after graduation; it started when you choose what field you will study. You have to know what you prefer and what you hate, this will make it easier for you when you choose your career, as when you work in something related to your preferences you will achieve a remarkable success.

  • List your strengths and weaknesses

Test your personality and define what are the weakness points you have to improve, for example if you afraid talking in front of people, try to give a speech in front of your family and friends, then you will break your fear. Mange your strengths also try to make develop it.

  • Unique CV

Your CV is the first impression the employer takes about you, so create a strong CV that enables you to hunt the job. To have a unique CV it should be obvious and express you but with abbreviation, make sure that your CV is a simple presentation to your strengths, skills and experiences. Your resume also should be unique and differ from the CV; it’s short and provides a short note about you and your abilities.

  • Experience is the Key

Your practical and theoretical experience is what forms your skills. Employer doesn’t care about your school or university degree, but he cares more about your practical experience and the situations you passed successfully, plus your ability to manage crisis and make use of every minute.


Building your career is not the first step you would take after graduation; you already took that step when you opted for that specific field. All in all, what you already chose to study at a higher level is going to define your career foundation. The rest would depend on the level of your experience and how well you can handle crisis.