Do you really Love your Job?

Written By : Asmaa Hussein
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Most of the time, there are too many frequently asked questions that most of us face concerning our job like: Is this our dream job that we are ready to spend our lifetime in it? And are we doing the work that we totally love? So, to know if you are on the right track or not, you have to give answers for crucial questions like: Do you work with passion? Does time fleet while working? And finally are you an active person and feel satisfy even all the pressures and challenges that you face daily at work?

So, if your answers are negative ones and you feel bothered concerning your job, so this is not the suitable job for you. But, if your answers are positive ones and you find yourself able to work and concentrate for a long time without any disturbance and you do not count time while finishing your tasks, so absolutely you love your work and this is the future job for you.

So, after making sure that you have your dream job, there are some tips or conditions that shall be in your work to be able to enjoy your work-time. These conditions are:

1- Constant Evaluation

It is vital to have a constant evaluation concerning your performance from your direct manager to be able to know your skills and abilities to develop yourself.

2- Having a Clear Objective

It is vital to be aware of your objectives and know what you want to reach. Moreover, you shall know each and every detail about your work to be able to develop yourself.


It is crucial to know your objectives from your work and know if you are in the suitable place for you or not. This will help in developing yourself and saving time and effort and search for another job.