Do’s and Don’ts for a Phone Interview

Written By : Neama Ali
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Everyone remains looking for a long time to get the right job for his qualifications and abilities by making a distinctive CV, which makes him at the forefront of candidates list for the interview. We see today different types of interviews such as personal interview, virtual interviews via the Internet and various applications and phone interview; recently phone interview has become essential for many companies.

What is Phone Interview?

Phone interview can be defined as a phone conversation between the candidate and Recruitment agent to obtain a general overview of the candidate qualifications and the compatibility between them and the information in CV.
From the above we realized the importance of phone interview so you have to find out Do’s and Don’ts for a Phone Interview for a successful phone interview to enhance your nomination for the job.

  • Do research for job description
    Knowledge of the job description is essential and gives a good impression to caller about your interest and your knowledge of the job. You can also search for the company’s activities, fields and managers to prepare for any different question.
  • Do not talk in a low voice
    Speak in a low voice during the phone interview may indicate a lack of self-confidence and this is unloved by any company. So you must speak clearly and politely.
  • Do documentation for introduction
    it is important do introduction for yourself and your qualifications, you can also identify your projects and achievements that you previously made during and after the study.
  • Do not Hang up the call
    Do not put the odds to end the call and rush to end it as the caller may offer further questions for more information to show your capabilities.

From the above we can identify phone interview what Do’s and Don’ts during it for grabbing the job.

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