advantages and disadvantages of being freelance

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We always know the free work but recently a new word is emerged to crystallize the free work’s definition which is “Freelance”. To be a freelancer is to work independent, you are not committed with specific company or customer, your work depend on an agreement between you and a company or a customer to make a specific task, this agreement ends by finishing the task. Sometimes you can deal with more than company but in this case you are freelance too because you are not an employee in any company.

Why to be a freelancer?

  • Flexibility: what makes it so unique to be a freelancer; you can work whenever you want without being committed to job’s rules. You can work on times you determine because what matters in the freelancing work is to finish the work efficiently on the deadline.
  • Choose freely: working as a freelancer enables you to choose the people you work with whether customer or those who help you in the work. In ordinary job you have to deal with your manger and colleagues you didn’t choose, and maybe they are not efficient enough.
  • You are the manager: as a freelancer you are your manager, this means you are responsible about all decisions.
  • Work wherever you want: as a freelancer you don’t have to work through your office in the company, you can choose where you want to work and sometimes the work itself decide where you have to do it, for example if you are a journalist or a photographer the place will be determined according to the work itself.
  • Total profit: you are the only employee so you will gain the whole profit.
  • Vacation: you can take a vacation whenever you want you are the one who manage the work and you can decide.

Why not to be a freelancer?

  • Not stable: the problem is that freelancer jobs is not stable, this means you can’t always rely on what you earn from it.
  • You work alone: maybe freelancing provides you with a lot of experiences as you deal with different people with different cultures, but you are responsible for everything and you work alone.
  • Risk: when choosing to work as freelancer you make a risk as you may not have your fees, this is known in this field. You have to take care when dealing with people.
  • Full time privileges: freelancer doesn’t have medical or social insurance like full time jobs.

Due to the advantages of being a freelancer there are a lot of websites through which you can present your experiences and skills and you can get in touch with the companies which need your skills and experiences, and they will pay you in return.