How to Gain Experience after Shifting your Career?

Written By : Kholoud Mohamed
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While tackling work and how to build a clear career path, it is vital to know and determine the right career for ourselves that will make us feel passionate, self-development, and satisfied first. Most of us asked ourselves the same question, do I really work the career that I really want? Am I sure about that this is the career that I will complete the rest of my life in and want to be developed and be expert in it?

If the answer is no and this is not your dream work/career, so you have to have the courage to stop and start shifting to your dream career that suits your skills and abilities. So, in the following few lines Talents Hunters will tell you how to gain experience in your new career after making a career shift without any need to start all over again.

1- Stay tuned and Study the Job Requirements well

After knowing that a certain job is your dream job, it is vital to collect all the needed information about it to be able to determine which skill shall be developed in you to be professional. Also, knowing and studying all job requirements, its nature, and gain experience from older employees, will help you in understanding the work quickly. It also will help you in organizing your work well and know the required skills.

2- Work with Small/Start-up Companies

Most of us think that working with well-known big companies, is the best thing ever. On the contrary, small start-ups are the way to self-development as you will gain lots and lots of experience. Also, they will be pleased and have time to train you.

3- Think outside the Box

To have the courage to change your career, so you have to be an open-minded person who thinks about of the box. You have to be a creative person who wants to work on himself and has a self-learning ability. All you need is effort, time, and patient.


Career shifting is an important thing that most of us face, so it is important to follow the previous steps to be able to succeed and get your dream job.