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How To Get A Job In Short Time?

Written By : Mostafa Megahed
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  • Applying for all the jobs you find is not good idea. Focus on jobs you are qualified for. This will give you better chance to get the interview. Also don’t send your resume or your cover letter randomly. Before search for a job you have to decide first which job you are searching for. You can list the companies you want to work for, and do your best to work in one of those companies.
  • Don’t stop applying in other jobs while you still wait for a company to reply. Most of job seekers refused from more than 15 companies before finding a real job. Learn from your faults and keep searching for a job until you find proper one.
  • You need a good resume or cover letter. You only have few minutes to impress the HR manager to make him choose you to hold an interview. Most of HR managers who read every resume say that if the candidate couldn’t explain what he can do for the company in the first paragraph in the resume, he will not get the interview.
  • Not only should your cover letter be proper for the interview but also your resume. You can edit your resume to suit the job, or it will not be selected.
  • You don’t need to mention all your years of experience. For example if you have 40 years of experience it will not be something good, on the contrary it will be against you because this is not proper for most jobs.
  • Dress like a manager or someone successful in his profession. Maybe appearance shouldn’t be so much important but it is. The first few minutes in the interview are your chance to create the first impression. Make sure you dressed properly for the interview and the company.
  • Be yourself. Repeated answers, fake smile and saying things that doesn’t express your personality will confuse the interviewer and may left bad impression about you.
  • Telling some stories during the interview maybe a good idea to share your experience and skills. When you are asked about your experiences, skills and how you handle some situations, your answer should be clear and your information should be precise.
  • Don’t mention bad things about your former manager, this one of the common mistakes in the interview. The first thing come to the interviewer’s mind is that you will talk about his company in the same way after leaving it.
  • Sending a thanks letter after holding the interview, this will express your appreciation and gratitude for holding this interview. This is a good way also to show your passion to work in this company and to share anything you forget to say in the interview.


Let me clear out this misunderstanding that applying for all the jobs you find is not a good idea because in the end even if you get a job or two out eighty jobs you have applied for, it doesn’t mean that you would fulfill the job criteria as well and save that embarrassment and only apply on the ones, you think you actually perform well on. A good resume or a good cover letter will also come in handy.