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Principles to know While Hiring New Employees

Written By : Asmaa Hussein
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Have you ever been on a team in which there is a member who doesn’t interact well with others and ends up negatively impacting the whole team, the workflow, and the productivity of the work? If so, then you shall understand the importance of hiring the right employees for your organizations.

In the following few lines, Talents Hunters will tackle the mistakes that shall be avoided while hiring the right employees.

1-Hiring based on Merits

It means that you shall not hire your best friend, neighbors, or even your family members. The hiring process shall be based on the required skills and qualification that can benefit the company, not the personal relationship between the co-workers.

2-Performance is the Base

It is not preferred to hire an employee because you only know him. What is more important is to hire the employee regarding the performance and the ability to work under pressure.

3- Skills Vs Work Environment

While hiring a new employee, it is important to choose a person who is a fast-learner, an open minded one who wants to improve his skills, and a person who can adapt the changeable work environment.

4- Go Against the Trend

While hiring a new employee, you do not have to accept all the candidates and interview them all because you need to fill the vacancy and get the work done. You do not need to take quick decisions. You have to think well, test the employee well, and then decide whether this candidate will add to your organization or not.

5- Don’t Hesitate to Fire Employees

Don’t ever never hold on an employee who is not good enough for your company. This will harm your organization, productivity, and of course it will affect the other employee negatively if there is a disqualified negative employee among them.


Hiring process is not that easy process at all. That’s why, it is vital to determine the exact skills and qualification needed in the new hiring. You shall look for skills, experience, and passion towards the work itself and being able to learn quickly.