Home based business

Written By : Dina Khalil
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Nowadays it’s no longer hard to open your own business, not only be an employment in a company. The trend today is private business; you don’t need big capital, or many employees, you just a need an idea, to be talented in something, just something the market needs. You could crystallize the idea and improve it to make profit from your home in any field, many huge projects start at home like apple and HP.

  • Idea first

Home based business depends mainly on the idea of the project, the more creative your idea is and the more the market needs it, the more success you will achieve. Even if the idea is already applied in the market, think about something different that distinguishes your business.

  • Tools of applying

Second you need to plan the general policy of applying your project, and what tools will help implementing your idea. Don’t pay a lot of costs at the beginning, your success will define whether you need to expand or you have to keep on in this level for a while.

  • Finance

Make a budget through which you can start your project, don’t pay for unnecessary stuff at the beginning of the project.

  • Marketing

Use the concept of “word of mouth” when marketing for your project in your first steps. The quality, accuracy and meeting the deadline will be your key to your clients.


Your small talent or your simple idea can make you gain profit and have your own business.