ناجحا في عملك - positive at work

How to be positive in your work?

Written By : Dina Khalil
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If you wake up every day think about leaving your job for no reasonable reasons, this doesn’t mean you don’t like it, but sometimes routine and repetition cause a kind of boredom and maybe you lose your passion. Those pressures may frustrate you and affect your performance to be away of creativity, but positivity and effectiveness are decisions you can take and implement if you want through those tips:

  • Arrive your work early, feeling that you are on time will give positive energy to continue your day more active
  • When arrived start plan for your day, arrange your task by ranking them by priorities, by this way you can do a lot in your day.
  • Schedule your tasks, make a start and end time for each one and write down your meetings’ times too, try to make use of each minute.
  • Arrange your priorities first and select tasks you have to finish before checking your mail, then open it and check it one by one.
  • Create, don’t let your job be a routinely one
  • Ask for help from your colleagues who have more experience, and help them too.
  • A short vacation will be amazing from time to time to have a refreshment, try new activities and spend more time with your family and friends this will provide you with positive energy
  • You have to be flexible, and have the ability to accept changes and deal with it.


What’s more important than work, is how to work, so be positive in whatever you do