How to deal with your dissatisfied boss?

Written By : Dina Khalil
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One of the worst situations in work is to be unable to deal with your boss, sometimes you are tired, disappointed or even not motivated to work; your disagreement with your boss will discourage you more. He may be bossy and it’s hard to make him satisfied, don’t give you positive feedback and always postpone meetings with you, or even doesn’t help you achieve you work goals.

Dealing with a bossy boss is a challenge that many employees may face. Whatever your boss’s personality is, those tips will help you:

Try to understand your boss; how he thinks and acts, maybe he doesn’t realize that it’s hard to deal with him. The manager who doesn’t interfere in anything and doesn’t help his employees when they really need help, he simply may not recognize that if he is not capable to guide his employees or giving them positive feedback about their work, he will fail to lead them. Some managers think that this way will give them the opportunity to just depend on themselves. While other managers who tend to have everything done under their supervision may not know that this means they don’t trust their employees, and this could affect the concept of specializing and how the employees run their work.

When you start your trial to understand your boss, you may find a lot of excuses for hoe he acts, maybe he needs more training, or have a lot of work and he really can’t help you, because he is busy. He may be promoted quickly and became responsible for a lot of things and he doesn’t have time.

Tips to deal with your Boss

  • Try to speak with your boss, tell him about what you need, like guiding, feedback and support. Speak in a decent way and focus on what you want. Telling your boss he is a bad manager is not a good way to fulfill what you want.
  • Ask him how you can help him to achieve his goals. Make sure you really listen to what he says and try to help him with what he needs.
  • Ask another manager or one of your colleagues who has more experience, who know your managers more to discover how you can deal with him.
  • If you did all the previous steps and they didn’t work, go directly to your boss and ask for his help. You can also go to the HR department to take their advice. Bear in mind that your boss may never forgive you, so make sure that you did all what you can do before going to higher level.
  • May be the HR doesn’t reveal to you his ways to solve your problem with your boss so wait and see.
  • If all trials don’t work or you think they don’t believe you, try to speak with some of your colleagues who suffer from the same problem and try to speak with your boss’s manager to let him see the things obviously.
  • If you think that your boss will never change, try to go to another department, this means you are careful to stay at your work.
  • Your last option is to find another job.


To talk directly with your boss may be the shortest ways to get over any problem to achieve the work goals, this will motivate you to work better too.