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How to deal with your organization?

Written By : Dina Khalil
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Now days many people search not only for good job opportunity but for working in a big company or organization with many years of experience in the field in order to gain more experience and knowledge in short time, but the experience complete when you are compatible with your organization’s policy and rules, working in any organization is based on following the policy and the rules of this place, and it’s better for the company when its policy is compatible with the employees’ performance, as they are a part of this entity, those 3 main axes may help:

The organization’s policy

You have to know which policy your organization follows, you are one of the representatives so it’s recommended to be convinced with this policy. The general policy of any organization is some rules and guide lines upon which the management define the targets and organize the internal and external relationships according to a stable hierarchy, and whatever your position is you still a gear in a big machine which doesn’t work without each tiny part in it.

The organization’s rules

Any organization or company in any field follows some rules set according to the general policy; you have to understand those rules and try to commit to them as they are set to organize the work and the relationship between the employees, and then help you to perform better.

The hierarchy

Understanding how the hierarchy goes on in your company means understanding the main structure of the organization, because this way define the tasks and responsibilities of each one, and then taking the decision became easier as the responsibilities are divided according to  specializing.


Dealing with the entity or the organization you are part of is easier when understanding the rules and the policy of this place.