How to get special job?

Written By : Dina Khalil
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Nowadays market became like an arena between competitors to win the best job opportunity, as opportunities became limited while graduates increase every day and companies just care about employing the best candidate for the job. In this case, being different and creative is the point, in addition to continuous skills development, that’s how you can win special job, as this competition, any organization search for the one who has different and creative ways to solve work problems and crisis.

It needs more than graduation certificate, as university is just the base to face the real market. It works with practical experience, improved skills and more theoretical education. If you are one of those who always search for the best thos steps will help you:

  • Practicing

Working in a real company will give you a lot of experiences and skills, and will be a highlighted point in your resume. It will be hard in your first steps; you may have to work as a volunteer to gain experience, as theories is nothing without applying.

  • Study

Gain more knowledge about your career, this never end, graduation may the start to study your career in deep, and get certifications which enables you to extend and get important positions.

  • Creativity

Education and practical experience are basics, but market requirements these days consider creativity to be one of these basics, to solve crisis with different and creative ways, so you have to develop your skills, to think out of the box and to be on different track.

  • Be special

All work fields don’t search for repeated copies of the same skills and experiences, so be yourself and think about things that differentiate you; you will find job offers presented to you without even ask for.


Study the requirements of work field accurately, work hard to make job offers come to you.