How to motivate your employees?

Written By : Dina Khalil
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Working in a positive environment, with suitable salary and being appreciated, everyone will say that this is the perfect job, but sometimes employees need more than a raise and Thank You. This needs a plan to meet the employees’ needs:

  • Ask your employees about what they want to achieve

Employees feel comfortable, safe and make a better performance when they are sure that the company tries to achieve their goals through work. Some employees may want to join specific project and after that they find it’s not what they think, ask your employees about the successful projects they did before.

  • Take the age in consideration

Expectations differ according to age, as the employee who is about to retire may not care about the next promotion like the employee who start taking his first steps. On the other hand young employees get bored quickly if their job is not interesting enough, they are not patient like old employees. Try to deal with each one according to his needs.

  • Motivation should be compatible with the work and the employees’ culture

Again, it’s all about expectations, engineering companies may motivate their employees through working in great projects, while professional salespersons use money language to measure their performance and efficiency in work.

  • Discover the personality of each employee

Some employees prefer to be appreciated form their managers and company. Others may be embarrassed of this action and prefer real Thanks. Bear in mind those differences if you think about an honoring ceremony or something like that.

  • Be flexible but wisely

You can create a flexible environment by enabling your employees to work creatively with no restrictions, allow them to define the working hours, this improved their performance and make them feel that their organization trust them.

  • Help your employees achieve work goals

Try to help your employees achieve the work goals, by giving them your experience, help them build their skills.

  • Help your employees to learn more

Help your employees to learn new skills, so they can use it in work. Courses and seminars are good way of learning but in most times to gain skills from form practical work is better. Ask your employees about the skills they want to learn and try to give them the chance to join a project that may develop those skills.

  • Clear direction

Explain to your employees some information about the company’s performance, the profit and loss, new products, and the policy of competing and tell them how their performance is and whether it suits the company’s plan or not.

  • Sharing

Make your team of employees share you in taking some decisions especially which affect them.


Try to build a bridge of trust between you and your employees; this will help you discover their needs and skills which you can use in work.