How to start your own project?

Written By : Dina Khalil
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It became a trend to have your own business, to run your own project. But this needs many steps to start; the following steps will help you establish your project:

  • Evaluate yourself first

Not everyone is capable to have his own business, this doesn’t mean your idea is not good, but you may only need some extra skills to run your own business. Before start invest your resources, evaluate yourself and discover weather you will be able to run your own work or not.

  • Find an idea

Don’t starts a project depend on trendy products and think that this will get more profit Start a project you really like and related to your experience, then about the product.

  • Can you apply the idea?

The next step is to study well whether your idea can be applied or not and how you will apply it, ask yourself if the product or service your offer, people really need? Will this make a profit?

  • Make a business plan

A detailed business plan will help you a lot, especially when you present your idea. Business plan should include the main task, the main concept, ways of application, products or services, the target market, and your predictions about the cost and the profit.

  • Define the target market

Evaluating the market and the target customers has a great impact on profit. Evaluate your competitors and know where you are standing.

  • Calculate the cost

Study your project in order to be able to get the basic cost of the project.

  • Make a budget

Once you calculate the cost, what you need to develop your product or service and put a strategic marketing plan.

  • Find an investor

You will need some financial support to start your project, your savings, your credit card, loans, or business men. Choose someone share enthusiasm with you, someone you are sure you can deal and work with.

  • Listen to investors

Investors may have comments about your project, you need to listen to them, but this doesn’t mean it’s a must to apply what they say.

  • Define the legal structure of the company

Define whether you will be the only owner to this company; you will have partners, a limited company, or nonprofit organization.

  • Taxes

You have to know what taxes you should pay.

  • Insurance

Make insurance for your project.

  • Records

Make a record system and choose whether you will use cash system or deferred payment.

  • Choose a good place for your company

Choose a strategic location that could help you develop your project and attract customers.


Private business has a lot of advantages, it depends mainly on the idea and how you plan to make it real. Your own business will help your success and gain profit.