stop being tired

How to stop being tired?

Written By : Dina Khalil
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Many of us always feel tired and lazy especially in work, this affects our performance in work and sometimes it may cause depression. You may feel tired and lazy because of physical or psychological diseases, so you have to refresh your day, define a main goal you want to achieve out of your work, because daily routine may be one of the reasons of laziness. Try to change your daily routine.

  • To start your day with full active, sleep average 8 hours, this will enables you start your day with full energy. Sleeping more or less than 8 hours may cause you headache and makes you feel sleepy and lazy.
  • Daily exercises and sports increase your positive energy and keep the negative energy away.
  • Healthy food, also give you positive energy and purify your body from poisons.
  • Water, water and water, drinking a lot of water over the day will makes you feel fresh and purify your body too.
  • It’s known that laughing is useful for the blood circulation and heart; laugh is something that can change your mood completely.
  • Stay away from problems, and stress, this may distracts your thinking.
  • Take a nap during the day; this will help you continue your day actively.
  • Sunlight is a good therapy for natural refresh.
  • Sit in a clean and arranged atmosphere, clean your office and put some plants this will keep the negative energy way.
  • Care about your office, try to make it an inspirational place, try also to divide your tasks and put time to finish each one.

When you feel tired and lazy, just breathe in and think about anything positive for 5 minutes, then start your work again. Define your goal and try to achieve it, or even put daily goals in order to finish them by the end of the day, this will motivate you to work.


Through changing your daily routine, follow a special diet, sleep well and keep yourself away from stress, you will enjoy your day and increase your productivity.