Importance of Training Programs for Fresh Graduates

Written By : Asmaa Hussein
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While searching for a job, all us of used to hear such well-known statement; that we all suffer from; which is “previous work experience is needed”. All of us face such obstacle in our practical life as the business owners used to think about how to increase the profit and how to improve work productivity and sufficiency only without bearing any concern to the employee, his needs, and his sufficiency which certainly will affect work productivity.

That’s why there is a need that companies shall provide “work training period or program” as it is a suitable solution for both sides: the employee and the company. So, in the following few lines, we will tackle the benefits for both sides.

1- Benefits for Companies

Most of the companies abide the old concept that says that the success of the company is only to deliver a good service of product, but the real success is to provide training programs to fresh graduates besides the delivered services. This will help in making the company a famous landmark one and gaining lots of customers. However, the training program is considered as a profit not a burden for the company as variety is the core of power and creativity. Any company needs new employees or fresh graduates as they used to be enthusiastic and full of motivation to learn and work. They have the power to give and cope with work environment. So, the company will gain profits from them to develop the work. Also, the company will test the new employee and if he can work under pressure or not before signing any long-term contracts as the fresh graduates do not ask for high salaries as they only dedicated to work and learning.

2- Benefits for fresh Graduates

The training programs give the fresh graduates a good chance to test work environment and its pressure. Also, such programs allow the fresh graduates to know all the work via working in all departments. This will help in identifying his career path. It also allows the employee to gain lots of skills. Besides, it will be a good opportunity for him to gain stable work if he proved that he is a good employee.


Training programs are vital nowadays for the company and the fresh graduates as at the end it will impact work productivity and deliver a good service for the customer.