Japan planet

Written By : Dina Khalil
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Japan turned from destroyed country, war and bombs, to developed country, with strong economy and great development especially in the field of technology. This is a natural result of continuous work. That’s why many people called it “Japanese planet” because Japanese are different, they sanctifies work. But how Japanese success in organizing their work and why they consider work something for life?

This development is considered to be a great experience which could be applied to develop other countries, as Japanese experience depended on:

  • Work is precious

Japanese consider work as a way to live, and the only way to development and civilization, that’s why each Japanese citizen feels that he is a part of this development and responsible for serving his country through work.

  • Discipline

Japanese respect rules in general especially work rules; they work accurately and try not to take too many vacations, unlike our societies where employees calculate their annual vacations.

  • Perfection is the target

Quality is what defines the Japanese products; this is out of good work and accuracy of industry, as Japanese employees are part of a whole system sanctifies accuracy and perfection, so they consider that work is honor and pride, and evidence of civilization.

  • Respect

Japanese deals with everything with great respect, especially his work, he consider it a duty.

  • Rules

Japanese respect rules and traditions they commit to the rules that organize the work.


Working according to the Japanese way is an experience that should be applied in other countries; work is the basic of any development.