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Written By : Dina Khalil
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Job advertisement is the first impression about the job, so it should obvious and include all the details that express the value of the company and the type of the job. In addition to that, good job advertisement will help to choose the best candidate to the job. This is one of the HR department’s jobs, to prepare and write good job analysis and determine everything in the ad, so they can choose efficient and proper candidate.

  • Mention the job title; this will save a lot because the reader will decide whether this job opportunity is proper for him or not from the beginning.
  • The ad should include the name of the company and a brief about it; this will erase any ambiguity and will add value to the ad. It will also give the reader a good opportunity to search for the company and get some information about it. In addition, you should mention the company’s address because this could be an important factor when deciding about the job.
  • The ad should include the company’s field and the year of establishment.
  • Write a good job description explaining all the job requirements and all tasks that will be assigned to the employee.
  • Explain all the skills and qualifications you need for this job, like the years of experience, the education level because this makes the filtration process easier.
  • Mention if the job is part time or full time or even freelancing.
  • Write the advantages of the job, like the vacancies, the social or health insurance, and it is so important to mention the salary, many of those who search for a job decide if they will accept it or not depending on the salary, if you don’t mention the exact salary you can mention the range from to.

When you clarify all the important points will help the HR department in any organization during the filtration process and then choosing the best candidate to the job, this will save a lot of time and effort and enables you to choose the most efficient.


Writing an obvious job advertisement which includes all the job requirements and conditions will save a lot of effort and time when choosing the most efficient candidate.