To Be A Leader

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Large companies tend to hire talented managers who know the core meaning of leadership, although the management techniques have been developed a lot recently, applying those techniques is a talent, so the companies that know well the importance of the workforce and discover new talents to make the best use of their talent to achieve the company’s goals, always hire talented leaders not only managers.

Management seems to be an easy task, based on giving orders to employees, but in fact it is an art called “management art” which needs someone deal with people in a good way, can read their minds, and make the best of their strengths, he should have those characteristics:

  • Learn every day from every one
  • Listen carefully to any suggestions or problems
  • Help everyone as a part of the solution to any problem
  • Optimistic and positive idol

How to turn your leader – ship skills into actions?

  • Learn from your team and your customers

You can learn a lot about your business through discussion with your employees hold regular meetings and give them the chance to reveal their problems, ideas and suggestions this will help a lot in drawing your company’s future plan. You can also learn through listening to your customers, you will know your company’s weaknesses which appear in problems facing the customers.

  • Be a good listener

Listen well first before talking or making any decisions, when you listen to your team members this makes them feel valued and increase their trust which encourages them to keep working with high spirit.

  • Learn from the past

When planning for the future, have a look to the past to determine which points helped in success and what negatives you should avoid.

  • Encourage your employees to part of the solution

Ask your employees to share their ideas, suggestions to solve a problem or to develop work techniques. Encourage their creativity. Praise them when succeeded. When you make your employees feel that they are successes partners and they are a part of solving any problem this increases their enthusiasm.

  • Stay positive

The great leader has a positive and optimistic personality that inspires people around.


Be a leader because being a follower is too mainstream. But being a leader certainly does not mean to be a total Grinch. Nobody likes a control freak. Try to listen to your colleagues, try to implement their ideas as well and try to improve yourself everyday by learning from your colleagues and that is what being a true leader is all about.