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Link between the “Resume” and the Interview … First 10 Seconds

Written By : Asmaa Hussein
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A resume is your first handshake with any organization and can be the helping tool -for you- to schedule an interview with the company and be the chosen one among the thousands of potential applicants.

A good resume tells the recruiter about your skills, experience, projects that you have completed, education, and so on.

However, a trained personnel HR or a recruiter takes less than 10 seconds to go through the resume. Simply, those 10 seconds are the core of everything. It either makes it or breaks it for you. Your foremost priority is to impress and motivate the recruiter in those 10 seconds to give you a chance to continue the interview. The recruiter wants to test many things during the interview like your skills, experience, and your qualifications. During those first 10 seconds and the whole interview, the recruiter wants to pressure you to get the best out of you to know more about you and to make sure that the highlighted areas in your resume are right and there is not any sort of exaggeration.

Besides, the HR also likes to match you with the other employees of the company. A professional HR can tell a lot from your resume and your personal traits and whether it will match the work or not. Also, your hobbies and activities can shed the light about your personality and your work can tell the HR whether you can work in team or not.


Employers and interviewers love concrete data. A good resume will contain your skills and experience. So, you have to convey your passion through the resume because that piece of writing might get you the job you want. Remember also that “False eloquence is exaggeration, true eloquence is emphasis”, so do not exaggerate.