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How to Manage Time at Work

Written By : Asmaa Hussein
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All of us used to the term “Time Management” and think that we know everything about it. However, it is worth to mention that there are many hidden sides and aspects that have not been tackled yet. Time management is not only about “how” to manage time in a fruitful way. It is about the lifestyle also.

Time management affects each and everything in your life. It affects work productivity, your income, the living standards, your behaviors, your manners, how you deal with people, and your peace of mind, etc. That’s why“Talents Hunters” will tackle the following aspects which are:

Mistakes that shall be avoided in Time Management at Work

Before knowing what shall be taken into consideration, one shall know the things that shall be avoided to reach the goal which are:

  • Not having a “To-Do List”. It is vital to track your time perfectly through drawing your steps and knowing your priorities,
  • Not knowing the “priority”. This is a danger for time management. It overloads the day and makes the person doesn’t able to achieve his goals,
  • Being a “No” person all the time. If you are the type of person who used to complain and refuse the tasks, this leads to a huge stress and of course a low performance.

Benefits of manage time at work

  • Dividing the day or the work regarding what is urgent and what is important,
  • High performance,
  • Decreasing the stress,
  • Achieving the goals.


Time Management is a vital aspect that shall be taken into consideration in all aspects of life; not the work only. That’s why it is important to stick to it to achieve the goals of life.