Managers’ Mistakes – Part 1

Written By : Asmaa Hussein
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Yup, the managers also do mistakes like any other employee. As it is normal that anyone of us do mistakes. So, there are two types of managers. The first type, is the one who puts the work as his higher priority and try to enhance it through helping his team whenever needed. The second type is the one who thinks that he is always right and can never be mistaken. Their “ego” here is too high as they refuse any comments from others. This type is a hard one to be dealt with. So, let us know their mistakes:

  1. No clear Plan: most of the managers do not have a clear plan which consequently affects the work badly. So, it is vital to have clear objectives, the tasks shall be divided rightly, and the whole team shall sit and discuss the work process,
  2. No Encouragement: one of the fatal mistakes that most of the managers do is the lack of encouragement and never confess that their teams are doing a good job and the manager used to spread negative energy. This affects the team even if they are doing a great job, they will get depressed as there is not any encouragement nor appreciation,
  3. No Discussion with the Team: most of the managers think that they are only the decision makers and do not share the decisions nor discuss it with the team. It is vital to share the decisions with the team members as they will feel that they work in their own business, not just employees. Also, it is important to held constant meetings with the team to be updated with the updates and the developments,
  4. Do not care about Improvement: one of the biggest mistakes is, not giving any care to improve the team’s skills (technical skills and soft skills). This absolutely affects the work directly.

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