Managers’ Mistakes – Part 2

Written By : Asmaa Hussein
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Today we will continue what we talked about before which is “Managers’ Mistakes”; to enhance our work and know if it is a suitable work environment or not. Besides, knowing how to develop our work. Some of these mistakes are:

  1. Discrimination among Employees: Sometimes, there are managers who have this “unique employee” to them. They treat him well rather than any other employee. Such discrimination has a bad effect on other employees and make them hate such “unique employee” which consequently will affect the work negatively,
  2. Not Discussing the Problems with the Employees: Of course, every work has its problems, but not every work has a manager who does not care about solving the problems and discussing it with the employees to improve the company. That’s why, one of the fatal mistakes of the managers is not hearing the employees which consequently will spread a negative spirit and the employees start to hate the work and leave it,
  3. No Feedback: Every employee needs to know if his work is a good one or a bad one; to be able to develop himself and the work itself. So, it is important that the manager shall tell the employees a feedback regarding their work and direct them; as when the employee feels that there is not a path for development, he starts to hate the work and wants to resign,
  4. Source of Disappointment: Lots of managers believe that when they tell the employee all the mistakes and the negative things, this is a good thing and this will enhance the work. Of course the employee shall know the negatives, but actually it is vital also to know the positives and the good things as a sort of balance and feels that his effort worth something.

Share with us how you deal with your manager and what about discussions and how it affects the productivity of the work?