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How To Negotiate With Your Boss?

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Negotiate with your boss  is considered to be a challenge; negotiation in general is an art and special skill. Most of us have the problem of negotiating in a wrong way like speaking in an appropriate way or un-logic speech. Those tips will help you  manage an effective negotiation to reach your goals.

  • The first step to manage a successful negotiation with your manager is to choose the right time. Try to choose the best time when your manager is in a good mood to listen to you, try also to make this coincides with a successful project you already accomplished or a task you did and you proofed your efficiency.
  • Prepare your speech first, search for what you will talk about; this is a good start for an effective negotiation. For example if you will talk about increasing your salary, explain some examples for other employees win different companies occupying your position and their salary is higher than you.
  • Try to control your reactions. Don’t show your feelings. Instead focus on the issue itself not what you feel. Try not to show much care, this could weaken your position.
  • Support your speech with facts and examples, don’t just talk I general, like talking about your experiences, skills and your long work in the company. Instead, mention your achievements and what you added to the work and how you contributed to achieve the company’s goals.
  • Put yourself in your manager’s shoes and try to present the mutual benefits. For example if your request is to be more flexible in work, try to explain how this will help you give more time to the work and work effectively. Try to show that you have something valuable to present, and achieving your request will benefit your manager too.
  • Before start negotiate with your manager you have to decide first what you want to achieve, and to what extend you can compromise. For example if your manager refused your increasing salary request, the alternative solution is to have a commission or training to your next promotion.

List the points that the manager agreed on. Ask your manager to send a confirmation e-mail to you, or send yourself an e-mail highlighting your request and the agreements you had or the waiting list agreements.


Negotiating is like this constant pain that you can’t get rid of and trying to negotiate with your boss? Even worse. You better prepare yourself before presenting yourself in front of the boss for a negotiation because this ride can go both ways. Make sure you have all your facts right so you can avoid the embarrassment.