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New Job New Start

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New job is considered to be new start for your future, but the first days in your new job are usually stressful as you try to adapt the news environment, plus trying to leave a good impression to your colleagues and managers. But what are the things you shouldn’t do to pass this period peacefully? Here are some tips that may make it easier for you:

  • Be on time

Punctuality is the title of good employee, and may be it is the most important factor in recruitment process which starts from the interview, but when you start the actual work you have to keep up your punctuality through attending always on time. Bear in mind the time is taken to your work and if you need extra time because of traffic to be on time. Don’t ever take the traffic as an excuse.

  • Don’t be arrogant

Even if you occupy high position in the new company or you are experienced more than your colleagues, the first months in your new work is not the suitable time for this, you are a new employee and they don’t even know you so this may leave a bad impression about you. You need time to know more about the new work and your new environment and to give your colleagues the chance to know you well. Moreover you need time to learn the company standards and rules before you start implementing your business plan that is suitable for the company.

  • Being silent and claiming ignorance

As a new employee you may act like you are silent and ignoring what happens around in order not ask silly questions, but this may delay your work for a while, so don’t hesitate asking your colleagues about what you don’t know even if it is so simple, don’t take a risk by making assumptions even if you really know everything. Finishing your task to start a new onw may depend on this.

  • Don’t reveal everything about you

The first months in your new work shape your relation with your colleagues, don’t judge anyone by his appearance, of course you have to leave a good impression and deal with everyone in a good way, but you have to be careful, don’t trust anyone too much or revealing some details about someone you don’t even know, you don’t know how they can use this. But keep a good flat relation with everyone; in time you will know who to trust and who you will never trust.


You have finally been hired and it is your first day at the job. Consider this day as a new start to a life as well because from now onwards things aren’t going to be same. Let this new start be positive and make the most out of it by being punctual, less revealing and more modest because let’s be honest, you are looking forward to an early raise!