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A New Step in your Career Path

Written By : Dina Khalil
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You always need to plan for your work, to set goals, and to create plans to achieve your needs and goals. It is important to know what is the next step to take it. But, what if we couldn’t plan the way we should do? Or we have a lot of ideas but we do not have obvious plans to implement it, or even we don’t know the steps that we shall take, and maybe we are just waiting for an opportunity to improve our skills and learn more. But, when it comes to the future, you have to take into consideration all the advantages and the disadvantages of this new step through answering the following questions that may help you:

1-What is your Goal in your career path?

Before taking any new step, you have to think about your goal and know what you want to reach, because depending on this you will decide what shall you do and how you’ll improve yourself.

2-Will this Step get you closer to your Goal?

If you’re thinking of taking a new different step, you have to think first whether this step will move you to the next level, or it will be far from achieving your big goal?

3-What this step will add to you?

Think about how important the next step will be for your career path, what are the experiences that you will gain and what are the skills that you will learn?

4-Are you ready?

Moving to an advanced level in your career is -of course- something good, but you have to ask yourself first, if you’re really qualified enough for this step.

5-Is it a long term step?

You are about to live an advanced experience in your career, so you have to know whether you just take it as a transition step or it is an important one that you shall pass by it to learn more and reach your goal.

Moreover, your career path depends, mainly, on studying each step you take via analyzing your skills, abilities, and performance. So, arranging priorities and setting your goal are the most important steps.


While searching for a new opportunity and moving to a new level in your career path, you have to study all the advantages and the disadvantages for this step to be able to achieve your goal.