Part time work

Written By : Dina Khalil
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“Part time” work is the opposite of the full time as the part time employees work less hours per week, between 30 and 35 hours week.

Advantages of part time work:

  • Part time work gives you freedom as you are not committed to work daily.
  • You have less working hours so you have enough time to do so many things.
  • You can work the days you choose, some companies give you the right to choose your working days, and working shifts also as there are companies that work 2 shifts am and pm.
  • In part time jobs, you may have someone who can do your tasks instead if you if you want a sick leave or vacation, in some companies you can take a vacation if there is someone else can do your job.
  • In the part time work, the salary is determined according to the working days, so you can control your salary, you can increase it sometimes especially in holidays and vacations, other times you can work less if you don’t need so much money.

Disadvantages of part time work

  • The problem of part time work is the employee doesn’t get the rights of the full time job employee like stable salary, medical and social insurance.
  • The employee will not get salary if he doesn’t work, for example if he takes a vacation for 2 or 3 days he will not be paid for those days.
  • You have weak chance to be promoted if you are a part time employee.
  • You can’t rely on the part time work as stable source for your salary as the companies organize the work according to their needs, sometimes they need extra number of workers other times they don’t.

Summary, the part time work has advantages and disadvantages but it is a compromise. Through part time you can work more than one job. In addition, it is considered to be a good solution for students who want to work and study.