Professionally, Lead Your Team

Written By : Kholoud Mohamed
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Whether you’re a leader, an ambitious team member, or an employee who is eager to be a leader.

This article is for you.

By following the below tips, provided by Talent Hunters, you’re expected to be a great leader.

  • Before being a team leader, be a Team Member:
    You keep telling your team members to perform as a team. You must be their role model. So, you need to act like you’re one of them, be humble, avoid arrogance, and when it requires, go and work with them, move on to their office and tell them that there are a lot of work to be done that’s why you will spend the day working with them shoulder by shoulder,
  • Before taking decisions, Ask for their Opinion:
    When taking decisions that may affect the team or the work processes, meet with your team members, explain the whole situation, and ask for their advice. There is no problem to ask for an advice from your team members; you don’t know as they may have a better idea,
  • It’s OK to say “I don’t know”:
    Being a team leader or even a manager doesn’t mean that you’ve to be aware of everything. If someone asked you about something and you don’t have the answer. It’s ok. Confidentiality say that you don’t know. Not knowing something is fine. But, keeping saying that you don’t know is the bad thing, search for that new thing and let the person who asked you, know that you’ve gathered the information about it.
    Also, it’ll let your team members know that even the leader has a lack of knowledge and that learning new stuffs is an unstoppable process.

The above 3 tips are the main scope of leading the team effectively.