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Sorry you are fired

Written By : Dina Khalil
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If you are one of the job seekers, maybe you are refused by many companies before, but to be fired from your job this is a whole different experience.  It can be considered a turning point in your career; its reasons could be with you or against you, depending on why you were fired. On the other hand, it is considered to be double edged weapon as it allows you to review you CV and re-evaluate your career. It may be a good chance to re-manage your goals and draw your new plan.

What to do when you are fired from job?

  • You have to receive the new quietly, try to think about the next step and how you will deal with the issue. Try to understand the reasons, and if this is a final decision or you can negotiate.
  • If it is a final decision, try to discover the details, whether it will be applied immediately or you will be in your position until finishing your assigned work.
  • Ask for a certificate that proofs your contributions and your achievements for the company.
  • Never speak to anyone about what happened, keep it secret.
  • Act professionally, check the contract and its items and if there is penalty clause for any of the parties when not committed to the contract.
  • When you fired from the job, never talk about your company whether outside the company or even inside, this will give a bad impression about you.
  • Don’t mention any of your company’s secrets.
  • Re-write your CV and mention all your achievements in the previous company. If you have any certificates for courses keep them.
  • After finishing all procedures, your temporary job will be searching for new job.
  • Put an obvious plan, define your goals and what you want to achieve through your new job, keep in mind your previous experience.
  • Never talk about your previous organization or boss in your new job.
  • Try to avoid previous mistakes in the new job.

If you had the experience of being fired, you have to learn from it and avoid what caused it, and if not so you have to avoid being so, but in a way or another it is not the end of your career, you may have the chance to start a new future.


This is a summary of what steps you should take when you are fired, try to search for the positive side. This may allow you to be in a whole new field that you never think you can success in it.