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Start a successful project with Your Friends

Written By : Neama Ali
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A lot of students and fresh graduates try to run their own projects, establishing small and medium projects, including a group of friends and there are many experiments to carry out such projects, which help in the development of the strategy that includes steady steps for these projects success of various kinds.

Project study

It is necessary to develop a specialized study of the project before taking any step to start and learn the strengths and weaknesses points of the team, and to identify the opportunities and risks of this project to determine the compatibility extent of the team’s ability to project resources.


Learning from past experiences

Study similar projects related to your project may explain some important points to the team that face them due to absence of sufficient experience.


Develop alternative plan

Develop an alternative plan in case you fail to implement the first one to overcome the difficulties to gain enthusiasm again.


Actions and responsibilities distribution

Each person is characterized by unique skills and abilities which allowed him to perform different tasks so distribution of roles among the team should be developed according to their abilities and achievements, take in consideration the equality between different responsibilities.


Compliance with labor laws

A project with your friends does not mean laxity and lack of compliance with labor laws; therefore all employees have to commit to rules to reach the goals of the project and develop it.


Financial agreements

Financial agreements may cause some problems, so it must be respected, and don’t start the project without approved with all team members to work with these agreements.


Decision-making participation

The success of any business depends on the participation in taking the decision  of their different according to the importance of each decision, this requires more understanding and flexibility during the discussions to make the right decision.



A group of friends can make a project and achieve success by new ideas away from the traditional business, but this requires compliance with some basic steps and keeps up looking for the desired goals.