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Start Building Your Career Path From College

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If you want to have a successful career you need to plan for it. Your plans and goals will help you understand what you need to do to achieve them. Talents Hunters has been working with thousands of candidates all across the Middle East and according to us the best time to plan for your career path is at an early age. Once you select a proper career path then work towards achieving it.

The College – Plan Your Career Path

Once you are in college that’s where the real test begins. In college you study subjects that pertain to your career field and you specialize in those subjects to gain the theoretical knowledge building your base towards advanced subjects. By this time you are definitive about the field you want to follow. Moreover you also select the university you want to attend for your Bachelors.

Your Bachelors – Start Building Your Career

In your bachelor’s degree program you study a wide variety of subjects that directly or indirectly prepare you for the industry or career field that you have selected. During your bachelors you will find a lot of societies ranging from career counseling to drama society. We recommend you join them as they provide you with managerial experience. Moreover you get in touch with professionals from industry during the course of organizing events at the university.

Before your 2nd last semester starts, you will get the holidays, Talents Hunters recommends you utilize these holidays and do an internship. The internship will provide you with a picture of industry dynamics and you will be able to make connections that will help you at a later stage.

Start Your Career or Go For Masters

Once you are done with your bachelor’s degree you have two options. Either go for a specialized master’s degree program or go for a job. We recommend that you go for a job as these days many universities prefer candidates with industry experience for master’s degree program. The industry will train you in different ways and you will gain helpful practical experience. You will also learn the problems professionals face and the course of action they take to solve those problems.

A master’s degree directly after your bachelor’s degree is not a bad idea at all. In some cases it is actually the best recommended path but that depends on the type of field and previous degree program you are following.

Talents Hunters highly recommends all the students to start working on their career goals from college and then work hard towards achieving those goals. You can always seek advice from professional recruiters at Talents Hunters to provide you counselling for your career path.


You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So what subject or what field you opted for in your college is also going to lay the basic foundation of your career path. Experience is what you will require in the end, so opt for as many internships and professional volunteer work as you can.