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Take a Look Before Pressing “SEND” Button

Written By : Kholoud Mohamed
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Are you getting your E-mail ignored?

Well, in this article we will tell you the secret of how to avoid the trash bin.

Writing professional outreach emails to the managers, leaders, and busy people isn’t an easy thing…Actually, there’re dozens of elements that shall be considered before pressing the send button. So, if you want to get your email read with a high attention, you have to follow and take care of the following:

    • Use Names

Give your receiver the feeling that you know him and care about him personally even if you don’t. Names give the feeling that this email is special for you, so pay attention to what is written also try to reduce using “I” and use “YOU” instead.

    • Make it to the Point

Don’t be pedantic…

Busy people love brevity emails as they don’t have much time to read your long mails. Also, they like to get the point of your email quickly so try to be clear, formal, and simple. Give them the feeling that you’re appreciating their time.

    • Introduce Yourself

If it was your first time to email this person you should say something about yourself !

As we said before, try to make your email “As Short As Possible” so try to introduce yourself, your position, and what you do briefly.

    • The Subject

Your subject shall indicate and clarify what’s inside the email, so don’t make it mysterious. Also, don’t forget to make it attractive to urge them open your message.


It’s not only about getting the work done !

It’s about being clever and smart in finishing your work.