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Tips for getting your dream job

Written By : Yara Ebrahim
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If you have decided the job of your dreams but found yourself unable to work in it for one reason or another, here are a few tips that would help you with your job application


Do what you love

Begin doing the job. Whether you like writing, reading of taking pictures, begin immediately and do not wait for getting hired to start. Start practicing as an amateur.


Surround yourself with people who share the same interests

Having the right contacts would definitely provide you with lots of important information about your field of interest and the available work positions. And how can you improve yourself to find the required jobs.


Work in an environment that you like

look for an employer that shares your ideas. Working around people you don’t like would make you feel bad. If you feel that the company is not fair with you, you definitely won’t be able to do the best you can.


Be careful of the passage of time

You might for one reason or another find yourself forced to work in a position you don’t like, make sure this situation is temporary in order not to lose time. Remember, you only live once.


Present yourself in an exceptional way

Don’t write a traditional resume. Look for what makes you unique and identifies you from the other and make sure you post it on your CV and cover letter. Present yourself in a special way in order to impress your employers. Attaching your unique works with your CV could help you as well.


Seek your dream job and don’t give up. Just because lots of people around you are doing things they don’t like does not mean you should be like them. Dreams are worthy of coming true.