ماذا بعد التقاعد؟ - after retirement

What after retirement?

Written By : Dina Khalil
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Most of us start his career after graduation, some start it during studying, and first we try our best to search for the best job opportunity, building our career and plan for the near and far future, in order to achieve our goals. But during those years, we forget to plan for our retirement, what we will do after retired, what plan will we follow? And goals we want to achieve.

  • Saving Money

You always have to save money, it’s better to save it as valuable things like gold or real estate, it’s always recommended to guarantee a stable income after retirement, and this will enable you to spend your time perfectly.

  • New goals

Who said that retirement means the end? Unlike our concept, in the west they consider this age a new start to achieve more goals away from work pressure, to learn new things and do more.

  • Private project

Many people start think about establishing their project after retirement; in this age you owe a lot of experience which enables you to add a lot to your private project.

  • Being healthy

You have to keep your health in general especially in this age; don’t let work pressure affect you. It’s recommended to guarantee a health insurance for you and your family.

  • Renewable experiences

After retirement try to communicate with others to give them your experiences and skills you gain after all those years of work.


Retirement is not the end, it’s a new beginning, and you still have the chance to achieve more away from work pressure.