Why “apple” company?

Written By : Dina Khalil
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When you hear the word “apple” not only quality comes to your mind, but you think of the best too, as ‘apple” company became one of the most important and successful companies in the field of smart phones and laptops industry, if it is not on the top of them. This success is not coincidence; it is a result of developing unique and special technique, good planning and trying to reach perfection, plus caring about employees and offering a suited environment for creation. May be those are the main reasons why “apple” company succeeded:

  • “Apple” try always to implement imagination, it doesn’t only try to produce good quality but to make the best possible, as the company tries to search for the best in technology and to make it possible in reality.
  • “Apple” always tries to reach perfection, it doesn’t only want good products, but it doesn’t accept anything but the best and the unique.
  • “Apple” believes that what is mentioned is not applicable without creative minds so “apple” always support their employees and offer them the suitable environment to create, it always choose the more creative and those who can innovate to have the best employee for every job, you will not be an employee in apple unless you are the best or you have the ability to be at the top.
  • “Apple’ believe also in small teams, if they put the best employee in each field to work together, then the best will be achieved.
  • “Apple” helps its employees to think out of the box and beyond.
  • One of the most important reasons of “apple” success is that it cares about their customers and study their needs well, in each design we find that apply always improve the mistakes in the previous products out of customer’s reviews that’s what made their employees being loyal to this brand exactly.

That’s why “apple” company succeeded not only in the technology field but also commercially too. It started as small company and now its sales are about 32.58 billion dollars in 2009 and the company’s value is about 650 billion dollars. The most important factors of “apple” success is a defined policy, obvious goals and supporting employees who achieve all of that through creating beyond the box, plus customers’ loyalty to this brand.



Uniqueness doesn’t come by coincidence, it needs creative thinking, hard working and the ambitious to be number 1.