Why to quit your job?

Written By : Dina Khalil
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With the increase of the unemployment rate, and the lack of job opportunities, the idea of leaving your job seems to be unrealistic and illogical, but despite all the reasons that motivate you not to leave your work, other reasons may make the decision seems logical in many cases:

  • If you can’t achieve your goals through this job, or it is just a bureaucratic job, so you can’t show your talents, or add new skills to your CV.
  • Your current job doesn’t guarantee you better future, which means that your job doesn’t add to you, and your chances for a promotion are so weak.
  • Your manager or the administration doesn’t appreciate your work and they don’t care about implementing your suggestions and work.
  • You can’t communicate with your team work, if you always have different points of views so you will not give the best result as a team.
  • Your target of your job is only to get money, if you want to create your own career you shouldn’t focus only on the financial part. When you work with your passion, you may get more money.
  • To lose your enthusiasm and you don’t have ambition to develop it, and maybe your job doesn’t help you to do so.

To take such decision you have to think first and put in consideration the consequences, the increasing rate of unemployment and the difficulty to find a job:

  • Think well before make your decision, and try to search for alternative which may help you achieve what you miss in your job.
  • Before quit your job, define what your goals are and put a plan to know how to achieve it.
  • You have to define the steps you will take to achieve what you want, like searching for another job, or start your own business.
  • You should care about the financial issues as you should think of another source for stable income in case you will quit your job


Maybe many reasons push you to quit your job but you have to think a lot and take a decision built on logical reasons and draw some defined steps to achieve your goals.