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Work from home

Written By : Yara Ebrahim
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Work has been always something that people do outside of their houses, but recently there are new works available that do not require leaving your home. The internet has changed the way of living on the planet and as a result changed the available work vacancies. Now there are lots of jobs available through the internet.
There are lots of jobs you can do at home. This will be suitable for you if you live in an area where there are no available work vacancies, or if you live really far from your office, or if you live in a dangerous area where it is not safe to go out every day, or any other reason that could stop you from working form office.
Below are some jobs you can do from home:


If you can speak more than one language you can start translating. If you managed to organize your time efficiently you can translate lots of files. Try looking for clients in translation offices or in embassies or on the internet.



You can start writing articles or stories or lots of other things for any website or newspaper which can use your services. You can look online for any possible clients or visit journals that could need you. You can write in several languages to get more clients or start your own website to create your own audience.


Graphic design

The demand for designers has increased recently creating several job opportunities for them. Try learning the latest design trends online and start designing. Post your works online and start looking for clients.



Lots of students need help with their researches. Look online to find possible clients.


Web development

It’s not the easiest job but if you managed to learn it you will get good work opportunities, we recommend you to start trying to learn.


The previous jobs are a small part of lots of other things available. Search online and try learning something to do from home if office work is not suitable for you and we wish you the best of luck.