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Working with friends and relatives

Written By : Dina Khalil
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A lot of people prefer to separate between their practical life and work environment; they try not to mix between their work problems and their personal life problems. One of the highlighted ways to do so is not to work with friends and relatives, this principle is not only exclusive for some people, but it’s a slogan raised by some companies too, as there are some companies prevent job opportunities for relatives and friends of the employees. Some may say that the work environment should be strict without any personal relationships, while others think that working with friends and relatives is very positive and create a good working environment full of mutual trust and understanding your work mates. But what are advantages and disadvantages of both sides?

Working with friends and relatives whether it is private work or even in an organization establish a good relationship work based on understanding, and mutual trust, and here are some advantages of working with friends and relatives:

  • You understand your friends and relatives very well, this will help a lot when working
  • You can trust your friends or your relatives
  • You know points of strengths and weaknesses of close people
  • The relationship between your friends and family is based on special chemistry between you which make the work environment more warm and dynamic.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, and so working with relatives and friends, as despite of the comfortable work environment that can be created due to working with close people, there are many drawbacks about this:

  • Some parties may exploit this relationship to do low performance in work
  • You watch little details when dealing with your friend or relative in order to be said that you do so because he is your friend
  •   Some personal problems may move to work or vice versa
  • You may feel embarrassed when give orders to your friends or relatives which reflected negatively on work.


Those advantages and drawbacks show that working with friends and relatives not sure will ruin the work, but it’s how to deal which makes different.