International Women Day: 3 Unknown Strong Women

Written By : Kholoud Mohamed
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In the International Women’s Day, we see many articles that tackle the strongest women all over the world which some of them have been on the list for years due to their strength and impact.

However, there are a lot of other strong women that media don’t know about them and no one writes about them. That’s why in this article we will introduce them to you.

Diala al Fil al Rais:

Crises generate power. Diala is a perfect example of this. The story begins when her 5 years old son died in an accident in Turkey. After that, she decided to help every sick child who suffers from a chronic disease in achieving his dreams. So, in 2005, she founded “Tamani” association that aims to help every sick child to accomplish his dream with any racism.

Diala says that the achieved children’s dreams in the morning, visit her at night in the shape of her son’s smile.

Helen Gibran:

“Hadi” is the word behind the power of Helen. Her son “Hadi” died in a horrible car accident. So, she founded “Kon Hadi” association after 40 days  of Hadi’s death.

The association aim is to decrease the cars’ accidents which Hadi died because of it. Also, it helps people to know and love Hadi after his death.

Despite that she isn’t as famous as actresses and announcers, her voice reached the Lebanese authorities and the ministry of public works and transportation which worked to improve the streets.

Malala Yousafzai:

Malala is a 19 years old Pakistani girl who despite her young age, gained the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala is a strong advocate for women rights concerning education. Also, she attacks Taliban’s abuses against women which was the reason behind her assassination attempt from Taliban. She survived but with serious injuries.

Being a strong and influential figure doesn’t mean that you’ve to be a famous one.

Put in mind that you’re the influential figure of your own life and career path, you’re  the role model of your children, and the pride of your family.