Before take or leave the job offer

Written By : Dina Khalil
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Your trials to get a new job is crowned by being accepted in one of the jobs, but here comes the difficult part, the job offer which include the job description, the salary and all the rules and the privileges of the company. In this case you have to thing and study the offer with all the pros and cons, and then compare it with your past offer, to create a clear picture through which you can make your decision.

  • New experiences

One of the important motives to accept a new job offer is the company’s name or the experience you can gain when working in this company, so this is an important factor to take or leave the job offer.

  • Job specification

From the job offer, you can study all the privileges of the job opportunity before accept or refuse it, like medical and social insurance, if there is transportation from and to work, the daily work hours, in addition to the number of weekly vacation. Add to all of this the location of your new company.

  • Your position

Study the offer by focusing on your position, may be you had promotions in your past work and you occupy a good position now, so it’s important to know what your position will be.

  • Salary

Sometimes working in a big company with new experience is more important than the salary, but you have a great practical experience and you are efficient, so you have to calculate all the details about the salary and see whether it meets your needs or not. Make a comparison with those who work in your field in the market.

  • You have to know with whom you will work and under the supervision of whom, and if your boss will use your energy in the work positively or not, and whether the work environment fits you or not.


Think well before accept or refuse the job offer after studying it carefully and comparing it with other offers or what is similar in the market.