Career Shift

Written By : Dina Khalil
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“You need to change your work” it’s hard for many people to hear this, especially if you have years of experience practicing your job. Of course career shift is a hard decision, you need to think and re arrange your priorities from the beginning till now. In addition not all people need to change their career and not all of them have to ability to do so.

If you are one of those who didn’t choose their career, as you decided to work in the available jobs, and as time goes on you became an expert in this career, you need to think about your position, but before this you need to notice signs that say you need to change your career:

  • You are passionate about another field

Even if you are successful in your career, you may have a dream or a hobby that you do it with great passion, and you have an experience in it.

  • You can’t give more to your current job

You have years of experience in your career, but there is a turning point where you can’t create or give more in this field, this is a strong sign that you need another field that can get out your energy and passion.

  • Salary is your only reason of staying

Of course money is one of the reasons why we work, but it’s not the only, if all your goals in work became having your salary every month, you need to re think about your future plan and what you want to achieve in the next years.


Changing your career is difficult but in many times it’s important, add to your success and increase your chances to achieve your goals.