Written By : Dina Khalil
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No one can deny that work is the building block of any society, any civilization needs continues work in all fields, that’s why they said that working is worship. Successful societies depend on all professions, especially crafts, which serve people in their daily needs. Those crafts make a balance inside the society, in addition it solve the unemployment problem in the best way.

These professions like plumber or crafter develop the society; some workers’ salaries in some countries may be more than the salaries of doctors, engineers or lawyers.

Services companies that are specialized in different fields are represent different business with different experience. In developed countries, some companies are established working in plumbing services, or crafting services. It’s not just small project like crafting workshop or mechanic workshop, but it’s a company offering services through group of employees and managers, complete hierarchy, fixed salaries, and their rights are guaranteed. In addition there are unions that care about those workers and keep their rights.

It’s not only rules for those crafts, it’s a whole system starts with education, those workers study for years to work as plumber or mechanic or crafter, besides practical training in all these fields.


Developing crafts and technical education develop the society, solve unemployment problems and develop economy.