How to improve your career?

Written By : Dina Khalil
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  • Go for an interview

Even if you are not looking for a job, making an interview every now and then is good for your career. Applying for new jobs helps you update your resume constantly, plus it maintains your interview preparation and interview skills. This way exercise you on those skills before getting the job, and you will be of the best candidates. Interviewing is not a waste of time anymore, every interview you gain new skill and new experience, whether the interview was good or not. As a result you may have a job that you never knew you wanted it.

  • Professional development training

Professional development training can either waste of time or something valuable. Some training courses are so bad with unprofessional trainers, but the real value of the course depends on how you participate in it. Put one or two points in your mind and try to focus on them, try to focus how to implement them through this training. For example of you choose a training course in how to deal with difficult people, put on your mind one or two persons and try to get some points of the course on how to deal with those persons in particular. By this way you will not be overwhelmed with a lot of information and you will make the best use of the course.

Try to talk with your manager about what will help you develop your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Your manager’s point of view may help you choosing the proper training to help you achieve your work goals.


  • Volunteer for a difficult task

Volunteering for extra hard work is an easy way to prove your effort. Difficult projects represent a challenge to a manager to find out which the employee will be assigned to. This depends on many factors like employee’s skills, time available, and who received the recent difficult project. Once you get this chance, try to do your best to make the best use of it.


  • Choose a way to improve the work.

Those who has insight and know how to improve the work are the most likely to execute this improvement. If you have an idea to improve the work say it, share it with your colleagues.  Your ideas about how to improve the work may help your organization to be efficient.