HR functions

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HR department is involved in recruitment process by define the jobs descriptions which include needs and requirements of the job. They advertise about the job, and interviewing the candidates. After that they coordinate with the managers to make the final decision about the candidates. The company that values the force work cares more about recruitment and HR team, as hiring creative talents is translated into high sales and developed performance.



One of the basic functions of HR department is to make a business market plan to define the proper salary for each position. This decision is taken after discussion with the top management and the financial department.


Personal appraisal

After recruitment, HR has to evaluate the employee through personal appraisal. Personal appraisal is gaining and analyzing information about the employee aiming to measure and improve his work, this makes it easier to predict what this employee could give the company in future. By this way the HR department can put an action plan for the employee. This appraisal will reveal whether the employee needs any training or not.


Training and development

Developing the employees’ performance is the task of HR department. HR watches employees’ performance to develop it and provide them with needed training and courses. Those training are not necessarily to develop business skills, may be it develop the employee’s personal skills.


Motivate employees

HR department is responsible for holding entertaining activities like competitions, or annual parties. HR is responsible also for reviewing organization policies and rules and their impact on the employees’ performance.


Receiving complaints

HR is the bridge between employees and the top management; it receives the employee’s complaints, investigating it and solves it.


Implementing the organization policies

HR department makes sure that the organization policies and regulations are implemented on the ground and perfectly, and it takes the proper reactions against the employees who don’t follow these rules.


Firing and redundancy

HR department takes action against employees who don’t follow the rules. Those actions may include firing. Sometimes the company doesn’t need some employees’ services, they became redundant, and it’s the HR responsibility to see the work needs.